Falcon Foundation Events

Upcoming Falcon Foundation Meetings

Fall Meetings (in-person and video conference)

With the interservice football game and other events occurring in Denver on Friday and Saturday, our usual meeting and banquet schedule may change. Until planning is complete, we recommend saving Wednesday November 1 - Saturday November 4.

  • Officer and Governing Trustees - TBD
  • Board of Trustees Meeting and Banquet - TBD
  • Army Knights vs AF Falcons football - Saturday 4 November 2023 - EMPOWER FIELD, DENVER, CO

Spring Meetings (in-person and video conference)

  • Officer and Governing Trustees – TENTATIVE Thursday 25 Apirl 2024
  • Reception with Falcon Scholars - TENTATIVE Thursday 25 Apirl 2024
  • Board of Trustees – TENTATIVE Friday 26 April 2024

Prep School Visits

If you would like to accompany our president on a visit to one of the prep schools, please call the Falcon Foundation at 719-333-4096. Visits occur annually in the summer and fall. Dates for 2023 will be determined in the summer.

Prep School

Visit Dates

Georgia Military College

14-15 September

Marion Military Institute

13 September

New Mexico Military Institute

29 August

Northwestern Preparatory School


Randolph-Macon Academy